YouTube Repeat

YouTube Repeat is a free online service, it's the most popular and powerfull of it's kind. We're offering to play your wanted video in an infinity loop. Our service completely free and made for everybody, from large businesses to individuals who want to watch a YouTube video in an endless loop.

Start searching your wanted video by using the input field on top of this page or choose one of our popular videos listed below.

Entering the video title into the search box above and hit the button next to it. We will immediatly start searching for your video and show you all results in a comfortable list. Choose your wanted result and the loop will begin.

Give us a try by searching your video now!

HowTo listen on repeat:

The easiest way to listen your wanted YouTube video on repeat it to change the domain to "" when you already listen it on YouTube

https:// /?v=...
https:// /?v=...

Popular loops:

Listen to the favorite YouTube videos in a loop. Click on the wanted YouTube video and it will be repeated in a never ending loop. The list will be generated everyday new for you! Like the videos to create your own playlist of favorite videos, and listen to them again and again.